Kids N' Such is an online retail company that offers fashionable and useful products to new mothers and their children. We put a heavy emphasis on making our customers happy and delivering the most useful products to modern mothers.

We've experienced huge growth over the past two years and are looking for some one who can continue to grow with us! The majority of our success is due to how we choose to treat our customers and staff. Everyone who has an experience with our company should feel welcome and appreciated. To our customers in particular, they should feel as though we care for them just as much as they care for their own children; after-all, without our customers we would not have a business! 


The role we are looking to fulfill consists of 10-20 hours of work per week primarily from home. It is required that you do about 1 hour of that over the weekend due to the nature customer service. 

Our ideal candidate for this role is someone who enjoys making other people happy and wants to be part of a fun, relaxed culture. A large part of working at Kids N' Such involves being resourceful and willing to learn new things- in fact, you will continually be required to learn new skills as our company grows. We have many resources and will train you, but it will fall upon you to implement these new skills and ideas. 

95% of your work can be done from home. The other 5% will consist of meeting with the rest of the team or making the occasional post office run. While we don't have strict working hours, there are time deadlines each day that must be met in order for our team to be successful. Communication is hugely important in a virtual working environment so again, being available throughout the day is key. 

Your role will consist of three main areas:

Hardware requirements:


We don't want your resume.

If you are interested in joining our team and helping our small business grow then we ask that you provide us the items listed below. Each one embodies some portion of the role you will have.  

  1. Make a video telling us a little bit about yourself, your work history, and why you want to join our team. Be sure to let us know your desired monthly/yearly income and when you'd be available to start! Upload it and give us the link. 
  2. Tell us about 2 products that you think our customers would like and why. If it's something already on the market, then tell us who your favorite brand is and why it appeals to you. 
  3. Email both items to