HerringBone Bundle - Multi Use Carseat Cover, Nursing Pillow Cover, & Blanket


This bundle makes a perfect gender neutral gift set for a new expecting mother! 

This Herringbone Pattern bundle contains 3 of our most popular products, in one of our most popular patterns HERRINGBONE. When all 3 are bought together you can save 15% on your purchase! 


This versatile material allows you to cover almost any infant car seat. Once covered, your baby is protected from germs, the elements, and strangers! Your newborn will also be able to sleep longer while being shielded from the bright lights while you carry on with your daily routine.
Kids N' Such supports nursing mothers and that is why we have designed our Cover to work wonderfully for seasoned and new breast feeding mothers alike. Moms can wear it with both arms inside the cover or leave one arm out to allow you to do other things while nursing- perfect for restaurants! 
There is a reason grocery stores put sanitizing wipes by the shopping carts. Well, now you can add another layer of protection for your little one while you and your baby make your way through the neighborhood market. The fabric will stretch around most shopping carts allowing your baby to sit comfortably inside without being able to use the shopping cart handle as a teething ring! 

The Premium Kids N' Such Nursing Pillow Cover / Slipcover
Protect and style your nursing pillow (sold separately) with a Kids N' Such Nursing Pillow Slipcover! With our design you get both fashion and function out of each Nursing Pillow Cover.

We've taken extra care to ensure that our Nursing Pillow Cover is easy to take on and off. It is also machine washable so no matter what messes your little one makes, you can easily wash it off in your regular washing cycle.

Unlike other slipcovers, we've made sure that the zipper is tucked away and won't make contact with your baby's skin. The zipper is located on the outer perimeter with an extra piece of fabric that keeps it covered at all times.

Plush Minky Blanket 30"x40" 

100% Plush Minky - Double Layer Fabric. Soft Swaddle Blanket for Newborns and Toddlers. YOUR CHILD'S NEW FAVORITE BLANKIE! Super soft mink material is comfortable on newborn skin. AT A GENEROUS 30X40 SIZE this adorable blanket is perfect for tummy time, bedtime, swaddling, or as a play mat.


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